Political "Scientist"

Self-portrait I'm Asher Wycoff (he/him), a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the CUNY Graduate Center, concentrating in modern political thought. My dissertation traces the analogy of revolution and/as apocalypse through the modern liberal tradition. I keep an inconsistently updated blog about my process/progress here.

I teach throughout the CUNY system on a contingent basis. Since 2018, I've been on contract at Lehman College, where I teach introductory courses in political theory and comparative politics. Prior to the pandemic, I taught core and research methods courses in Political Science at Brooklyn College, and I did a stint as a TA at Baruch College in Spring 2018.

To be my friend, email me at wycoff (at) pm (dot) me. For more information about this website, see the colophon. To find me elsewhere on the Web, check my Linktree.